English learning record - 1

I was a little bit busy

limited times

work overtime

I start work at 10 am

go though  // 经历

lockdown  // 封锁

 It started from March

I have never heard of this (the TV series  This is US)

co-worker  // 同事

colleague  // 同事之间

definitely. absolutely. exactly  // 绝对 确实

classmate  // 同学

We became roommate

complex  // 建筑群  复杂的


I'd like to take a walk along the river


apartment = flat  // 公寓

kitchen   // 厨房

rice cooker  // 电饭煲

I will find another apartment if I don't relocate to Canada.

working visa

Toronto  // 多伦多

atmosphere  // 氛围

We are based in XX

 Another reason is that ....

You are fluent in English

first-tier city

booking apps

have some thing done

Could  you please tell me where  i can ...

luggage  // 行李

weigh  // 称重


Personnel  // 人员

make a reservation

available  可用的

economy  // 经济  节约

first or economy class

make an appointment

booked a ticket

Can I confirm my seat?

boarding pass  // 登机证

luggage   // 行李 🧳

luggage weigh  // 行李 称重

Check-in Counter  // 报到柜台  签到柜台
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